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Message from thecompany President

代表取締役社長 小林 三郎

Our company aims to support global industry as a professionalism manufacturer.

Thanks to you, we have been putting our expertise in pumps to work for more than 60 years as a specialty pump manufacturer. Slurry pumps we provide are used to transport various liquid slurry (SS), satisfy functionality and durability which is not possible with standard pumps. We constantly strive to make improvements with an honest attitude towards the request of our many different customers. Our corporate aim is to make global contributions as a team of pump professionals through consistent development, manufacturing and after-sales service.

President and CEO
Saburo Kobayashi

Our Business Philosophy

  • As a slurry pump manufacturer, we maintain our social capital by contributing to industrial development and water treatment.
  • Using all five senses to grasp the ever-changing global environment, we advance forward not bound by old-fashioned convention or fear of failure.

Our Vision

  • A team of professionals providing solutions
  • Offering customers peace of mind with an emphasis on after-sales service
  • Making global contributions as a company

Company Profile

Company Name Mitsuwa Pump Co., Ltd.
President and CEO Saburo Kobayashi
Chief Operating Officer Shinichi Kano
Vice President of Manufacturing Takeshi Sato
Vice President of Business Development Koji Ikegawa
Head Office 3617 Yamada Shinkurahara, Toin, Inabe, Mie 511-0251 Japan
TEL +81-594-76-1100
FAX +81-594-76-1101
Paid-in Capital 45 Million JPY
Founded July 1, 1954
Incorporated: July 1, 1956
Business Activities Manufacture and sale of industrial-grade slurry pumps for use in the niche market of environmental applications.
Banks he Hyakugo Bank, Ltd., Kuwana Branch; The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd., Kuwana branch; Kuwana Shinkin Bank

Corporate History

1954 The late Yoshio Kobayashi begins manufacturing self-priming construction pumps
1956 The company is incorporated as Mitsuwa Pump Co., Ltd.
1975 Exports developing country relief supplies under the U.N. in the form of 400 agricultural pumps to Laos
1979 Exports pumps for installation on cultivators under UNICEF
1980 Exports 1,000 pumps as relief for Cambodian refugees
1981 Exports 1,000 agricultural pumps to Kenya under UNICEF
1985 Begins production and sales of the Seal Self-Priming Pump product line
1990 Mikio Kobayashi assumes the position of President and CEO.
1991 Begins production and sales of Rubber Self-Priming Pump product line
1998 Relocates head office and main factory
Begins production and sales of Through Self-Priming Pump product line
1999 Designates JARUS as the standard specification for the Through Self-Priming Pump product line
2001 Receives the approval of the Problem-solving Research Development Project for the Organization for Small & Medium Enterprises and Regional Innovation
Acquires ISO9001: 2000 certification
2009 Recognized as one of the Top 300 Active Small and Medium Manufacturing Enterprises Supporting Japan\’s Future.
2010 Beings production and sales of the new Cross Over Pump product line
2011 Beings production and sales of the new Cross Over Pump product line
2012 Selected for the New Cooperative Project of the Chubu Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry)
2014 Begins OEM production at its affiliate RIX Technology Co., Ltd. in Thailand
Enters into agency agreement with New Eiko in Taiwan
2015 Begins sales of the Pipe-Insertable Strainer product line
2016 Saburo Kobayashi assumes the position of President and CEO
2020 Beings production and sales of the new Magical Pump (CWM/SWM) product line
2021 Crowdfunding campaign on "Makuake" achieved its goal
2023 Beings production and sales of the new Seal Self-Priming Pump ECO (ESM) product line
2024 Launched RANDX, a pump smart monitoring service
Transfer of strainer business.

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