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SMO Series

Horizontal (Belt driven)

Model 2SMO-LB

Portable (Coupling driven)

Model 2SMO-LB


Self-Priming Slurry pump

  • Our innovative Special Two-Blade Impeller solves the problem of clogs by foreign matter and long objects
  • Chosen as the sludge withdrawal pump at multiple wastewater/sludge treatment facilities

Standard Specification for Construction

Standard Specification for Material

Design Data

Major Applications

  • Sludge withdrawal at residential wastewater treatment facilities
  • Sludge circulating and transporting at excreta treatment plants (post process)
  • Various wastewater related applications including gray water, wastewater from processing, detergent drainage, and pit drainage
  • Etching wastewater from refining plants
  • Transporting of wastewater from pharmaceutical experiment modules

Performance chart

Belt driven(for 50Hz)

Performance chart
Selection chart

Belt driven(for 60Hz)

Performance chart
Selection chart

Dimensions of product

V-belt type

Coupling Type